How to Invest in Share Market | Minimum Money & Amount

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Thousands of users make their investment plan and invest in share market.
But there are some people who
want to learn about “How to Invest in Share Market ”  ( How to Invest in Share Market 0r How to Invest in Share Market ) .

However,   very few people have a basic knowledge of it before investing in the stock market . So first you   should see the detailed review of   Share Market in Hindi .

Generally, people are excited about the stock market because of which they want to invest in the stock market or because their friend or relative trades. 

But, here he forgets that no one can make profit in a day in the stock market. Before that, a person has to  learn the stock market  .

 Therefore, today in this article we will try to explain in detail to our readers  How to Invest in Share Market in Hindi .

How to start investing in Share market?  

You have probably heard many of your friends and relatives say:

  •  “Trading in the stock market is very difficult”
  •  “Trading in the stock market is like gambling”
  •  “Investing in the stock market is stupid, here the investors only lose!”

Possibly, people with this kind of thinking will not even have the basic knowledge of the stock market.

  You must keep some essential stock market tips in mind before investing in the share market.

From his point of view, this is also true. Human beings have a habit of ignoring those things which they consider difficult or relatively complex.

Obviously you    may not understand the working of stock exchange ,  what is Share Kaise Kharide or  Index .

But, you must definitely have complete knowledge of  Share Market Knowledge in Hindi  , so that you can become a better investor in the stock market!

For this an investor has to read about How to Invest in Share Market in Hindi.

5 steps to invest in share market in India 

Let us now talk about the main topic of How to Invest in Share Market in Hindi without any delay. Here we will tell you about the basic requirements for investing in the stock market.

1. PAN Card

To invest in the share market, first of all a PAN card is required. 

This is a mandatory document before starting with anything related to the stock market. To open a demat account  , you must have a PAN card in your name.

Apart from this,  necessary documents are required to open a demat account  . First of all, keep these necessary documents ready and then proceed with the process of opening the demat account.

Also, some underage users (especially students) always ask the question whether they are eligible to open a demat account? Because generally they do not have PAN card.

This is clearly answered in our review  ‘Can minors open a demat account ‘.

2. Find a Stockbroker

Once all the required documents are verified