What is cloud computing? What is Cloud Computing in English

As the world is progressing, in the same way some new technology is being invented every day. If we want to walk step by step with the world, then we need to know about these technologies. Now the technology that is being heard for some time is Cloud Computing. So what is this Cloud Computing and what does it do? If many such questions are arising in your mind, then read this post which is called Cloud computing, in this we will answer every question related to this technology in great detail.

What is Cloud Computing? What is Cloud Computing in English

Cloud Computing is the technology in which various types of services are provided using the Internet. These services can be anything, whether it is some kind of software or storage space is to be given on the server or any other service. Cloud computing means providing any kind of computing service on the demand of the user through the Internet.
If we explain Cloud Computing in simple language, then in this technology, the user is provided with the facility of data storage on a server of the Internet (which is called cloud). In such a situation, by buying space on the cloud, the user can save any amount of his data on it and can access his data again from anywhere in the world.

Examples of Cloud Computing | Examples Of Cloud Computing

Many examples of Cloud Computing Technology exist in the world today. Of which we present to you some selected famous examples.

1. YouTube: Millions of videos are uploaded on the famous video sharing platform YouTube every day. In such a situation, YouTube uses Cloud Computing Technology to store so many videos.

2. Facebook: A famous social media platform like Facebook, on which billions of people have profiles and a lot of data is available, so Facebook also uses Cloud Computing to keep so much data.

3. Emails: All companies providing email service (such as Gmail, Rediff, yahoo) and all companies providing online storage space such as Dropbox, Yandex, Media Fire, Mega etc. All companies use Cloud Computing.

History of Cloud Computing | History Of Cloud Computing in English

The beginning of Cloud Computing is considered to be in the 1960s. Then the internet was not even started properly. The real beginning of Cloud Computing was 30 to 40 years later in 1990 when a company named Salesforce started providing services to the people of its website. Since then people started to understand its importance and only then came to know how important it can prove to be in the coming times. After many years, this field gained momentum and by coming in the 21st century, many giant companies like Amazon, Google and Microsoft started providing their services in the field of Cloud Computing.

How Cloud Computing Works How Cloud Computing works

In Cloud Computing, many servers i.e. computers on which a particular software is installed are used. It can be more than one. It has many software. Cloud Computing basically works on Dual Layers technology. Where there is a separate layer to manage the servers which is called the back end and the second layer which the clients use is called the front end. Similarly, both the back end and the front end together form a server setup for a complete cloud computing.

Types of Cloud Computing | Types Of Cloud Computing in English

Cloud computing is divided on the basis of two different methods
(A). on the basis of deployment.
(B) On the basis of the service provided by the cloud.

(A) There are following types of Cloud Computing on the basis of deployment.

1. Public Cloud Computing

The public cloud is accessible to everyone and is managed by the service provider. Public cloud services are sometimes free or charged very little. Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure are all examples of Public Cloud Computing.

2. Private Cloud Computing

In Private Cloud Computing, services and networks are stored on a private cloud. In this, the user does not have to share his cloud storage with any other person. For example, Google Drive is an example of Private Cloud Computing. Here all your data is protected with your email ID and password and in this your drive cannot be used by anyone other than you.

3. Community Cloud Computing

Community Cloud Computing is available to only one group of people. Apart from this, no other external person can access this data. For example, for a government office, only its employees can use the data available on its site or only the students of that university can use the material available on the website created by a university.

4. Hybrid Cloud Computing

In hybrid cloud both private cloud and public cloud are used. If some content on a site is available only to registered people and some content is available to public then such cloud is called hybrid cloud.