Where to invest money And how to money invest

Where to invest money And how to money invest

 paisa kahan invest kare | money kaha invest kare

paisa kahan invest kare

Where to invest money? Everyone wants to invest their money at the right place. So that they can get good profit from it later, in today’s time there are many ways to earn money. People are earning money from these too. Just as it is necessary to wish for money, in the same way it is also necessary to invest that money in the right place. 
money kaha invest kare in india . (where to invest money in India) We all want to invest our money in such a place where we can get good returns with less risk. There are many ways to invest money in India. Where you can invest your money but some methods are very risky. Before investing in these, you must think carefully, if you invest money in them, you may also suffer loss.

In India paisa kahan invest kare, money kaha invest kare. Many people don’t even know this. Due to which he is not able to invest his saved money in the right place. Today we are going to tell you about some, the best way to invest money. Where you can get good returns by investing, and the risk is also less. So let’s know. paisa kahan invest kare ( where to invest money )

paisa kahan invest kare

# Why it is necessary to invest money 

Why investment is important   After an age you feel that the money you have is not enough, you may need more money in future. In such a situation, you take the investment route. Everyone is scared of investing in the beginning. But later, when the  understanding of why investment is necessary increases  then the process of investment starts looking even better. The truth is that if you have grown up enough to earn money, you should be investing your money as well. Investing is actually nothing but a process by which you use your money to make more money from them.

Investment  Methods 

Where to invest money , or how to double money, this thought comes in everyone’s mind. That’s why people keep looking for ways to invest. That’s why today we have brought some of the best investment methods for you. By adopting which you can also invest your money in the right place.

# Government Saving Scheme or Bond 

paisa kahan invest kare, the  government wants people to take more and more interest in investing and learn to invest. For this reason, many savings schemes are started by the Government of India from time to time. Like Kisan Vikas Patra  ( KVP ) and National Saving Certificate  ( NSC  ),  you can get good returns by investing in these government saving schemes. 
Farmer Vikash letter  (  KVP  ) to ensure you get a 7.7% interest while   National Savings Certificate
 (  NSC  ) you can get 8.5% interest. Which is one of the best and safest  way to invest . 

# Savings Account 

paisa kahan invest kare –  Saving ACCOUNT You can open in any bank or post office. You get 3.5% annual returns in savings account. But it may be more or less according to different bank. The advantage of a savings account is that you can withdraw and deposit money whenever you want. But in this and the scheme gives very less interest. 

Where to invest your money?

In recent times, India’s identity has increased very fast on the world stage. The main reason for this is the expansion of the Indian economy. The Indian economy has affected the country as well as foreign investors a lot. There are many such investment options available where investors can invest their money and earn profit. There are mainly five such investment options in India which are popular as well as very safe.

Share Market

It is believed that only those who have knowledge of the market can earn profit by investing in shares. Investment here is beneficial only when the money is invested for a long period. If you have at least 5 years time then you can invest in stocks.

mutual fund

After the stock market, the option that impresses investors the most is mutual funds. Those who invest money here not only feel safe in comparison to the stock market but also get good returns. Shares, bonds are bought by collecting the money of many investors in mutual funds, on which the returns received are distributed among the investors. Here the investor can invest himself or can take the help of brokers.

fixed deposit

This is one area of ​​investing where the risk is negligible. Fixed Deposit is a better option for investment of 6 to 12 months. Before investing in FD, one should think that for how long you will not need the money. Because, if you withdraw money from FD before time, you will have to pay a charge. In India, apart from banks, post offices and many financial institutions provide the facility of fixed deposits.


Given the huge volatility in the stock market, gold remains the safest and most profitable option for investors nowadays. A large number of investors are buying and keeping gold in the form of bricks, biscuits, coins and ornaments. It is better than other options in terms of giving returns.


There are many options available for investing in the market. One of them is ETFs. ETFs have become the preferred investment option of investors considering the returns and risks. Investors are investing money especially in gold ETFs. ETFs are a good investment option for long term.

How to invest in stock market

Investing in the stock market today is much easier than in the past, you can do it from your home on your mobile or computer. Before investing in the stock market, you have to do some important things first. After that you can easily invest in share market with few clicks.

Before investing in the stock market, you must have a little understanding of the stock market. So that you can easily invest in the stock market and earn money from there. Before investing in the share market, you will need a demat account, which you can open online through a broker sitting at home.

What is the required document? (Required doc)

To open a demat account, some important documents will be required, with the help of which we can open a demat account. And you can buy and sell shares in the stock market. Let us know which documents are necessary.

PAN Card

PAN card is a very important document. The full form of PAN card is Permanent Account Number . Which is issued by the Income Tax Department of the Government of India (Earnings Tax Division). In which there is a number, so that it is called Permanent Account Number.

With its help, the Government of India keeps an eye on all our transactions and financial activities. If you do not have a PAN card you instantly India NSDL ( NSDL can be arranged by visiting some money from website).

KYC document

KYC documents are those documents. With the help of which your address, your name, date of birth etc. Which is issued by an authorized government undertaking. It can mainly be your Aadhar Card, Ration Card, Voter Card, Bank Passbook, Passport, Driving License (Aadhar Card, Ration Card, Voter Card, Financial Institution Passbook, Passport, Driving License) etc.

online payment facility

You should have online payment facility so that you can deposit money in your demat account instantly. Which is very important to buy shares. You must have internet banking, phone banking or other UPI payment facility available to make online payment.

If you don’t have this facility then you have to pay your broker before check. After that you will be able to buy shares . The process of payment by check takes some time. So that you do not get an opportunity to buy shares immediately.

stock broker

Stock brokers are those firms which are recognized by the government. Those who keep the accounts of the shares. And from buying and selling shares of their clients, they keep an account of their entire stock market. You should choose a stockbroker very carefully as all the different stockbrokers have different charges. In the stock market, there are many brokers listed in the stock market such as Sherkhan, Angel Broking, Up Inventory, Zerodha, 5paisa etc.

With how much money can you invest?

Many questions related to the minimum investment amount (cash) in the stock market are there in the mind of investors. Which creates a lot of confusion. But no investor needs to get confused. Here you can invest from minimum ₹ 100.

Even less than this but you need to know that the stock broker with which you are opening your demat account, how much commission does it charge. Accordingly, you can deposit money in your account. No broker here keeps a minimum charge.

It should be enough money to buy only one share so that after buying that share, it gets deposited in your demat account and the amount and commission will be deducted according to the price of that share.

Two important ways to invest

  • First intraday trading (intraday buying and selling)
  • Second Delivery Based Trading (supply primarily based buying and selling)

intraday trading

In intraday trading, investors want to earn money day by day by watching the fluctuations and fluctuations of the stock market. Which is called intraday trading (intraday buying and selling). In this, you have to close the deal within the day itself or till the market closes.

If you are buying shares, then you have to sell the shares back by the time the market closes. And you get the benefit of the middle. If you lose in this, then the amount of loss incurred will have to be paid to the broker.

delivery based trading

This type of trading is done by people who invest for a long time. In supply buying and selling, the investor buys shares and keeps them in his demat account. When the price of those shares goes up.

Then the investor makes a profit by selling them. In this type of trading, the shares are credited to your demat account on T+2 day.