Best deshi movie trailer picture and story

1 Hate Story

After a powerful businessman has her baby forcefully aborted, Kaavya Krishna uses her body as a sexual weapon to destroy his empire, brick by brick.

This film begins with an investigative journalist by the name of “Kaavya Krishna” (Paoli Dam) and her good friend “Vicky” (Nikhil Dwivedi) capturing incrimating evidence on camera of a high-ranking executive who works for a major corporation there in India. The next morning her article makes the headlines of the news cycle and the person responsible for the running of that company “Siddharth Dhanrajgir” (Gulshan Devaiah) is told by his domineering father, “Kumar Dhanrajgir” (Saurabh Dubey), who owns the business, to clean up the public relations disaster immediately. The problem is, Siddharth is totally incapable of simply.

2 Nasha

It is the story of an 18 year old boy who falls hopelessly in love with a 25 year old woman. A woman he cannot have, but a woman he cannot help but desire. And, as is the case with desires unfulfilled, they turn into obsessions. The movie emphasizes that in a world of temptation, romance is temporary, love is lonely, but addiction is forever.

Feroz Khan was to make a film titled ” Nasha” starring Himself, Amitabh Bachchan, Fardeen Khan and Aishwarya Rai. The story was about a battle against drugs. This was in 2002. Ferozs shelved the film to remake Kurbani.

The film did not have a theatrical release in British Columbia, Canada.

3 The Dirty Picture