LabhLaxmi Lottery Result November 2021 Nagaland State Lottery Today 6 PM

Dear LabhLaxmi Lottery Sambad Result 18.11.2021 Nagaland State Lottery Today 4 PM, 7 PM

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On this website, Dear Labh Laxmi Lottery Results are updated daily at 4 pm and 7 pm. These lottery results are available in PDF format. Which you can download, or you can watch on this website. If you buy lottery daily then you can add this webpage to bookmark to get daily result. You can also subscribe to push notifications to get lottery results at the right time in your busy everyday life. This website will send you a notification on your mobile or pc after the lottery result every day.Dear Labh Laxmi Lottery which is the Lottery of Sikkim State. If you have bought ticket for Sikkim State Lottery 18.11.2021 then you can see this Labh Laxmi Lottery Result at 4 pm and 7 pm. If you always buy Labh Laxmi Lottery tickets then you can get Dear LabhLaxmi Lottery Result here regularly. Apart from this, you can also watch MumbaiLaxmi Lottery, DEAR 50 – 4:45 PM, and DEAR GOLD 20 – 5:30 PM.

Labh Laxmi Result Today Information Table

state name Sikkim State Lottery
Name of Lottery Dear Labh Laxmi Lottery
Date April 2021
Draw FixTime 4 PM and 7 PM 
Category of Lottery LabhLaxmi 13th Draw
Result website
Status of Result Available
1st Award Money Rs. 10,0000

Labh Laxmi Lottery Prize Money

Every first winner of Laxmi lottery will get an amount of only 10 thousand rupees. 5 thousand to the second winner. The third winner will get Rs 500. Simultaneously, the 4th, 5th and 6th winners will get a prize of Rs 300, 206, 100. Its description is given below in brief.

1st prize 10,000- rupees
2nd prize award 5000/- rupees
3rd prize award 500/- rupees
4th prize award 300/- rupees
 5th prize award 206/- rupees
Cons.prize Award 100/- rupees

Dear Laxmi Lottery Names

Every day you can get lottery result with new name. On this website, you can get Dear Laxmi Lottery results every day at 9 pm.

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  • Labhlaxmi libra Result
  • Labhlaxmi cancer lottery
  • Labhlaxmi aries Result
  • Labhlaxmi taurus result
  • Labhlaxmi leo Result
  • Labhlaxmi gemini Result


Arunachal Pradesh is a north eastern state of India with Itanagar as its capital. Mainly Hindi language is mostly dominated in this state.

According to the order of the Supreme Court, the government here has recognized lottery. Every day lottery is organized here, from which the state of Arunachal Pradesh gets income in the form of tax. Due to this additional income, the state of Arunachal Pradesh is a strong and prosperous state.

Most of Arunachal Pradesh is covered by the Himalayas. Most people buy lotteries in this state surrounded by mountains.

The state of Arunachal Pradesh got the status of a state independently of India on 20 February 1927. The Legislative Assembly in Arunachal was constituted on 15 August 1975 and the cabinet accepted the charge.

There are total 16 districts in the state of Arunachal and elections were held for the first time in this state in February 1978. The main capital, Itanagar, has been named from Ita Fort, this Ita Fort is mentioned in the history before the 14th century.

The mention of the state of Arunachal Pradesh is also present in the Mahabharata and the Kalki Purana. Most of the people in the state of Arunachal are dependent on agriculture and most of it is Jhum cultivation which includes cash crops and horticultural crops which includes the cultivation of apple, orange, pineapple.

This state which has many ancient temples. Most of the influence of Tibet Varma and Bhutanese culture is also seen in Arunachal state. There is quite a holy place here for the Buddhist community of Tibet.

Arunachal Pradesh has international borders like Bhutan, Tibet, China and Myanmar to the west, north and east, as well as borders with Nagaland and Assam. The “Nyokum” festival of the “Nishing” tribe is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Arunachal Pradesh. The Lotteries Department of the Government of Arunachal Pradesh has been organizing special lotteries on such festivals for many years.

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