Bodoland Lottery Result Today 10.2.2022 Live 11-55 am 4 pm 8 pm 

Bodoland Lottery Result Today 10.2.2022 Live 11-55 am 4 pm 8 pm

Below you can find the Bodoland Lottery Result 10.2.2022. In addition, you can download the Bodoland Lucky Lottery Result in pdf format while checking the Bodoland result today.

Bodoland Result

Bodoland Daily Bumper Result Today 11am 10.2.2022Bodoland Lottery Result 4pm PDF Download – Click Here (Available at 4.15)

Bodoland Result Today 10.2.2022

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Bodoland Lucky Lottery Result 11.55 am

Perhaps you are looking for the result of the Bodoland state lottery at 11:55 am? If so, you are on the correct website. Below you can find the 10.2.2022 Bodoland daily bumper result at 11.55 am. Bodoland lottery department will declare the 5.2.2022 Bodoland Dhanasree Lottery Result at 11.55 am.

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Bodoland Dhanasree Lottery Result 4:00 pm

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Bodoland Lottery Result Today 10.2.2022 Result
Lottery Name Assam State Lottery
Draw Code 20th and 10.2.2022
Draw Name Singam Kuil, Rosa Deer,
Thangam Nallaneram,
Kumaran Vishnu,
Vairam, Mani,
Lion Draw Result
First Prize Up to Rs. 1,00,00,000
Result date 10.2.2022
Result Time 12 PM 3 PM 7 PM
Result Status Published

Bodoland Daily Bumper Result Prize List

In the meantime, you can see the Bodoland Daily Bumper Result prize details. Bodoland Lottery Sambad Department has three different names for the morning result, day result, and night result. Similarly, the prize money in it also varies. The Bodoland State Lottery Prize for each Bodoland Lottery coupon is Rs 5 only. However, below we have mentioned the Bodoland Daily Bumper Result Prize chart.

Prize Structure Amount in Rupees
1st Prize Rupees. 10,00000
Consolation Prize Rupees. 2,000
2nd Prize Rupees. 9,500
3rd Prize Rupees. 9,000
4th Prize Rupees. 600
5th Prize Rupees. 300
6th Prize Rupees. 130

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