foundryman 100 question previous model test paper


Preparing for ITI Foundryman Exam. They require a lot of important study material, so that your preparation can be done properly, so we have given foundryman 100 question previous model test paper question answers, read them carefully because the questions given in it are asked in previous years exam. And there is every possibility to be asked in the upcoming exams if you are preparing for other IT I trades then you will get the previous pay on our website. 

1.Metal molds are used for?
Answer . die casting process

2. Which of the following furnace is used in foundry?
Answer . cupola

3. Which of the following is not included in the scrap used for melting?
Answer . bilts

4. Usually the moisture content in dry sand process is?
Answer . 4%

5. The sand prepared in new foundries is called as sand?
Answer . sand facing

6.Have a lighter?
Answer . Deep sand is used in the mold?

7. To increase. Edge hardness and dry strength of mold Which of the following additive is added to a molding sand?
Answer . dextrin

8.Which does not belong to the molding equipment?
Answer . file

9.Strike Bar offers a ?
Answer . level surface

10. Which Indian steel plant has converters to make only LD steel?
Answer . Bokaro

11.A sharp pointed metal rod is used to lift a small pattern from the mold?
Answer . draw spike

12. To increase the vent is made in molds?
Answer . Power

13. Number of cores being used for casting form?
Answer . depends on the design

14. Multiple molds can be made from the same flask for the same pour which is called ……… flask?
Answer . snap flask

15. Which Indian steel plant has the largest installed steel production capacity?
Answer . Bhilai

16. Draft allowance on interior surfaces is usually?
Answer . 40 to 60 mm/m

17.Electric furnaces can generally operate up to a temperature of?
Answer . 1700? C

18. ——- Are patterns useful for large castings in foundry?
Answer . wood

19. Foundry is not related to which word?
Answer . Machining

20. What equipment is not needed to remove foreign materials from molding sand?
Answer . Clever

21. Is work in unsafe condition?
Answer . oily bottom

22. Used to withdraw the pattern from the mold draw screws/wrapping plates———?
Answer . Big

23. In China, the foundryman made iron castings?
Answer . 600 B started.

24. —– Mainly added during casting to produce reducing atmosphere?
Answer . coal dust

25. What is used for mold repair and finishing?
Answer . Sleek

26. What is used to remove or cut off excess sand from the mold?
Answer . strike from barbeque

27. Cast sheet was the first product in India?
Answer . 50 BC

28. When wearing safety goggles, hand gloves and leggings?
Answer . melting shop

29. The property of sand to withstand high temperature of molten metal without fuse or break is known as?
Answer . refractory

30. The work of pouring is accomplished by———force?
Answer . electromagnetic

31. _______ is responsible for the impact strength in molding sand?
Answer . aggregates

32. Polystyrene is often used as a consumable pattern material, has a relative density of?
Answer . 20 to 25 kg/m3

33. By whom is the work of providing small holes in the sand mold done?
Answer . vent wire

34. ——- is used to activate clay binders to perform their functions?
Answer . Water

35. Castings are generally designed for ——– distribution of load?
Answer . Equal

36. When clay content increases the permeability of sand casting?
Answer . decreases

37. Which of the following is used on molds for magnesium castings to prevent metal mold?
Answer . boric sulfur

38. —- Does grain sand improve the surface finish of sand casting?
Answer . Fine

39.Which of the following is a measurement and layout tool?
Answer . marking gauge

40. Which of the following plastics is used for making patterns?
Answer . epoxy resin

41. Flask is another name for
Answer . molding box

42Graphite in molding sand ———?
Answer . casting

43. The draft allowance to be provided on the pattern depends on?
Answer . The length of the vertical side of the pattern to be found

44. The cavity prepared in sand for casting job is called?
Answer . mold

45. Which of the following is used to increase the refractoriness of sand?
Answer . Graphite, Silica Flour, Iron Free Zirconium

46. ​​Round sand grains give high permeability, but it lacks?
Answer . Power

47. Permeability of molding sand depends on?
Answer . moisture content

47. Used to maintain the complex shape of the mold?
Answer . sprigs, nails, gaggers

48. When bench molding is adopted by using three boxes, the central box is called?
Answer . Cheek

49. Intermediate molding flask section is called?
Answer . Cheek

50. The mass of sand does not fall out of the molding box, but is held firmly in place when the molding box is unloaded. Is it because of the property of?
Answer . sand adhesion

51. Distortion in casting can be reduced by?
Answer . providing adequate machining allowance

52. Which of the following is the most basic dam used in molding sand?
Answer . clay

53. Which Indian steel plant has the highest installed steel production capacity?
Answer . Bhilai

54. Consumable patterns are made of?
Answer . polystyrene

55. Which is not a machining process?
Answer . casting

56. Which of the following is used to loosen the pattern in the mold?
Answer . mallet

57. A rammer is used to rub the sand into the pockets and corners of the mold.
Answer . peen or peg

58.——The thermal conductivity of sand grains is high?
Answer . fatty

59. Which of the following is used as a catalyst in fern moulding?
Answer . phosphoric acid

60. The average quantity of sand required in a foundry for one ton of casting is approximately?
Answer . 2 tons

61. The water content of green sand is usually?
Answer . 6 to 8 percent

62.Parting compound and dressing material used for dusting?
Answer . dust bag

63. Growth of molding sand?
Answer . Strength

64.The heat storage capacity of molding sand can be increased by adding?
Answer . graphite

65. Moisture test samples are prepared in _______ heater bulb?
Answer . infrared

66. Natural and when bentonite is mixed with —— sand?
Answer . semi-synthetic

67. Gaggers are used to raise a mold?
Answer . Strength

68. Pneumatic rammer is driven by—
Answer . compressed air

69. Casting is one of the oldest manufacturing process, which dates back to about——?
Answer . 4000

70. The soil content of green sand is usually?
Answer . 18 to 30 percent

71. The main components of sand are silica and ——?
Answer . Linseed oil

72. No Sake Sand is comparable to – – Green Sand?
Answer . costly

73. By depositing sand —— ?
Answer . Density increases and permeability decreases

74. Sand roughly?
Answer . grain size

75. Close molding process was developed in———
Answer . Egypt

76. When sulfur in camphor is to be removed from cast iron, the flux used is?
Answer . sodium carbonate with limestone

77. England’s Derby introduced coke as fuel for foundry?
Answer . 1730

78. A taper pin used to prepare a sprout hole is called?
Answer . sprue pin

79. Which is used to improve surface finish, hot strength and resist metal penetration?
Answer . silica flour

80. Dowel pins are used to prevent mismatch?
Answer . Split Core Box,Split Pattern,Split Die

81. Inorganic binder group includes?
Answer . Clay, Sodium Silicate, Cement

82.Vents are built into the mold or core for easy escape from unwanted?
Answer . gas

83. A mixture of 50% sand and 50% clay is called ——- sand?
Answer . loam

84. Sodium silicate is often used in sand?
Answer . binder refractory material

85. In case of plaster moulding the mold is prepared by?
Answer . gypsum plaster

86. Bentonite is used for casting sand in —— strength?
Answer . green strength

87.———— Used to deposit sand in molds?
Answer . Rammer

88. For blowing loose sand particles from pattern and mold —— is used?
Answer . Belovs

89. To make ore suitable for foundry processes is?
Answer . smelted

90.The thermal conductivity of the gases produced in the sand mold compared to that of sand is——?
Answer . Low

91. Sleek?
Answer . Used to smooth the surface of the mold?

92. Bentonite gives compressive strength in ——?
Answer . green sand

93. Always follow — -of safety?
Answer . ABC

94.plaster pattern and core box are made of?
Answer . gypsum cement

95. The strap ——— is used to apply water to the mold at the edge of the pattern?
Answer . swab

96. The loamy sand which contains about 50% clay is suitable for casting?
Answer . elder

97. Which foundry is different from others?
Answer . Ferrous

98. Generally in green sand process, the moisture content is —-%?
Answer . 6 to 8%

99. Phenolic resin is used as a binder in the ——- molding process?
Answer . shell

100. Skeleton patterns are commonly used for?
Answer . big casting

101. Dextrin is used for casting sand?
Answer . dry strength

102. Iron oxide is added to molding sand to increase its sand?
Answer . hot

103. What is used for cutting, mixing and tempering molding sand?
Answer . Spade

104. Which foundry produces the smallest number of given type castings for different customers?
Answer . Jobbing


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